Lesniak Portfolio

Crown Point Custom Roof

This Custom job Done in Crown Point Indiana was one of our featured projects.

Our Expert Mark

Mark hard at work day in and day out, truly a professional expert.

Dyer Custom Roof

They Dyer Custom Roof is not only a great roof to showcase however it's also an energy saver.

Energy Saver Merrillville

In the outskirts of Merrillville their is a hidden gem, this great energy saver that our team put together.

Crete Custom Job

Town of Crete, a great custom job that needed an experts touch to finalize the look.

Crete Energy Saver

An energy saving roof that was build in in about 3 days by our professional experience team.

Custom Rubber Roof

Custom Rubber roofs are our specialty they last for many years and we can install them in days.

Our Expert Kenny

Kenny hard at work, one of our prized employees, What a great job.

Our Expert Jose

Jose is hard at work, he does a professional job every time all the time.