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Have you seen us in your neighborhood? Our commercial speaks for itself, we have the answers you need to get you home projects completed. Watch us speak to your language with the video below.

Hi, we are Mark and Lisa Lesniak, this is a family owned and operated business. We have been giving homeowners quality roofs and roofing repairs for the better part of 28 years and now we want to help you with your home projects. Review our warranty and know you are in good hands.

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    100% Success Rate

    We get the job done all of the time every time, our success rate is 100% in every house hold in the lake county and Chicago land area.

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    5 Year Warranty

    Each roof comes with a 5 year warranty and includes most repairs.

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    Excellent Support

    Our team is dedicated to help answer all your questions and we want to provide the right information to all our customers.

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    Trained Workers

    Our workers are highly motivated and they are professionals in every area of the services we offer.

This service is great for home owners to get our quality service residential roof repair.

Our roof repair service is for the homeowner looking to save some coin, we can do amazing things in just repairs.

Leaky roof repair can be tough but you don't have to worry because if this happens it included in your warranty.

This service will tell you the cost of roof leak repair, get a answer to your question today.

the roof replacement cost can be affordable find out how much exactly your going to need to replace your roof.

a flat roof can be tricky however our flat roof replacement service is just what it takes to help you home be protected.

If you have a flat roof and its leaking or needs fixing our flat roof repair is a greats service that can give you what your looking for.

Need an estimate on your roof look no further this service will give you a roof repair estimate at no cost to you, fill out our form today.

Do you need to know the cost? If so roofing estimate is exactly what will help you, choose this service to find out more.

Have a rubber roof? Well we can help repair it just pick this service and find out answers to all your questions today.

Often times a new unit will require a rubber roof our rubber roof installation will take care of this problem.

Need information on rubber roof cost, this service will help you better understand what is involved and what is charged.

Have a good roof that needs some repair? With our roofing shingles repair service we can get your roof back to protecting and looking great.

Is it that time? Do you need a roof replacement? If so we can help you to better understand the cost involved and how we replace it.

Nice roof! It needs patching, let us help you get the roof you really want to have. Choose our roof patching service today.

Tree fall on your house? Sometimes the roof that protects your home needs a little maintenance, our roof refreshing service will get you there.

What does it cost to have your roof repaired, we can get you to the right place, choose this service to find out more on roof repair cost.

Are you in need of a flashing on your chimney, our roof flasing repair service will help to repair and correct any flashing on your roof.

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