Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement By Lesniak Roofing

Sloped roofs are very logical option as snow and rain water shed quickly off a sloped roof. Although it’s logical flat roofs are more preferred over sloped ones as modern architecture. Most of the modern styled buildings have flat roofs these days. Lesniak roofing company provides its services in flat roof replacement. There are few steps involved in replacing a flat roof.

While placing the flat roof on the building Lesniak roofing company ensures that it is framed at a certain angle so as to provide some inclination to prevent water and snow from pooling. Lesniak roofing company is a commercial roofing company and uses underlayment for large roofs. To allow expansion and contraction during summers the company assures to leave some gap between the joints by covering it with plywood sheathing. If the sheet-rubber roofing material is used for flat roof replacement then the company makes sure that underlayment is properly screwed down.

They create beveled corners so as to keep water from pooling inside these corners. They take care of the debris towards working on the flat roof replacement by keeping it dry and removing them. Another major step in this process is using ¼ inch paint roller and spreading the glue over the rubber used during replacing the roof. After the glue has dried it is carefully spread over the board so that there are no wrinkles. This is done on both sides of the roof to provide a strong bond between the two layers. Final step is finishing the edges off and make sure the roof is fitted properly. Lesniak roofing company is a team of professional experts to ensure great results in flat roof replacement.