Roofers Merrillville

The Right Roofing Company In Merrillville, Indiana

There are quite the variety of options to choose from regarding roofers Merrillville, Indiana who are in need of a roofing company. Roofers seem to be plentiful in this location. But which roofers are right for your job? Here are a solid solutions to choose from. Need a variety of Roofers? There is quite an array of roofers Merrillville has around. Here are a couple of them:Firstly, Lesniak Roofing This company has been in business for 20 years in Merrillville, Indiana. Their specialty is residential and commercial roofing services.

If you are satisfied with this company's job and intend to recommend work on other friends and family's homes, there is a reliable company that you already have the business card of. Their operational hours are 6:30 AM - 5PM and they are BBB accredited and there are no negative reviews listed anywhere about them. This seems promising. Interested in a family owned business? Lesniak Roofing is one of the many roofers Merillville has that are family made and family oriented.

Lesniak Roofers offer cost-effective solutions for your roofing and home care demands. Have a professional, attractive roof without emptying your wallet. All the reviews say that they are very meticulous and precise about all the details of the job, guaranteeing a job well done. These roofers offer many home improvement needs but mainly roofing, including steep slope and low slope. Everything about this company is customer oriented and will stop at nothing to satisfy the customer.